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The Mayan Civilisation

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The Mayan Secrets
"The Mayan Secrets" Clive CUSSLER

A book YOU must read !

     The Mayan Secrets, by Clive CUSSLER, 2013


     "The Mayan Secrets" (2013) is a book written by Clive CUSSLER, an american writer, author of numerous books of adventure. His heroes are Dirk PITT, the FARGOs or still Kurt AUSTIN. This adventure is one of the FARGOs. Sam FARGO is an entrepreneur. He conceived a new kind of system he sold to the army. That made him a millionaire. Remi, a gorgeous auburn woman, follows her husband through the world, looking with him for archeological treasures.


     The begining of this story shows the arrival of the spanish conquistadores in the mayan territory. War is coming ! So, the Mayans decide to protect by any ways one of their most precious books. For memory, the mayan books, the codex, have been destroyed and burnt by the Church. What is in this book in particular? Why are the Mayan ready to die for it ? That's what you'll discover by following this adventure.

About the book

     The book can be read easily, it doesn't need a lot of vocabulary. And the story, for once, is smart. If you think about the sempiternel aliens coming from another world, you are completely wrong (shame on the Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones 4). I hope you enjoy it as I liked reading this nbook. Guess what ! it made me discover all the adventures of the FARGOs. And I've to say, it's always unexpected.